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  • 29.03.2023

    We are in Transition

    willms.coaching will grow to willms.partner New website is about to be ready. Stay tuned!
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  • Discover Leadership Potential - The Leadership Circle Profile

    The Leadership Circle Profile™ is a completely new and unique 360-degree feedback system. Any good 360-degree feedback system should give you a profile of your leadership skills. The Leadership …
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  • Immunity-to-Change: Coaching

    The Immunity-to-Change approach was developed by the Harvard psychologist Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey-Laskow. willms.coaching is the pioneer of this approach in Germany, which sets new standards …
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  • Change Pod

    „If there would be only one thing I could change about myself, what would be the one thing that would have the greatest positive impact on me and my life?“ The Change Pod starts with this …
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