Johannes Willms

Studied education, sociology, economics and social psychology at the Georg-August University, Göttingen.

Training in "dialogical counseling" in accord with the integral Gestalt approach of Dr. Reinhard Fuhr and Dr. Martina Gremmler-Fuhr, at the Center for Gestaltherapy, Göttingen.

Continuing supervision, Center for Gestalt Therapy, Göttingen.

Further organizational consulting, IGOR-Frankfurt/Main.

Certified Coach. Immunity-to- Change approach to coaching of Professor Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey Dr., Harvard / Minds at Work.

Certified Leadership Circle Assessment facilitator

Training in various processes of change management (planning process facilitation, open space, etc.).

Since 1999 has worked as a coach, trainer and organizational consultant.

Executive Coaching. International consulting projects. Leadership development with executive teams.

Consulting projects, supervision and training in outpatient and inpatient care, in the medium-sized organizations and for various educational institutions.

Lecturer in doctor-patient communication at the University of Göttingen, Department of Medicine.

Accredited communications coach for the medical education of the German Diabetes Society.

Accredited Visitor in the context of quality management for medical care centers, specialists and general practitioners. Participation in research projects for quality of care.

Lecturer and publication of articles in various journals.