More To My Education

I was fortunate to learn from and do research with the German pioneers of applied adult development theory. I received four years of training as a counseling from Dr. Martina Gremmler-Fuhr and Dr. Reinhard Fuhr. The two are among the leading contributors for the renewal of the Gestalt approach to counseling, professional training and therapy. I completed a substantial part of my studies Dr. Reinhard Fuhr and I am grateful to have done research with him before this untimely death.

Following my studies and training, after already having founded my own company, I started my professional “journeyman’s travels”. Over the years, I have worked with experienced colleagues in different contexts and constellations. I was able to learn a lot about different methods of organizational consulting, training and coaching, particularly in the international management consulting firm Lüders partners and the Institute for Gestalt-oriented organizational consulting IGOR in Frankfurt am Main.

I specialize in those processes that build upon and develop the approach of my initial training viz. accompanying comprehensive change processes in a professional setting. My interest is in sustainable development processes that lead to improvements in the quality of work and everyday life.

I was able to make contacts abroad early in my career. I was able to continue by education with American pioneers in the field. I'm a certified facilitator and coach for the "Immunity-to-Change" process of Harvard psychologists Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey Laskow. I look forward to working with an experienced network of partners with whom I enjoy working internationally.